Develop an iPhone app that would enable users to preview their desired vehicle number plate combination across any of the number plate styles and options provided by myPlates.


BWM and myPlates partnered with us to develop this iPhone app. The concept was simple: enable users to create a number plate and visualise it.To give users a complete experience, the app incorporated some intuitive features including; enabling users to upload/take a photo of their vehicle from their iPhone directly, or to choose a car from the in-app-library, the ability to choose between number plate designs and use any number or letter characters you liked (with a black-listed word library), social media sharing tools and more!

We also developed a CMS to enable the myPlates app to be updated with new content without requiring resubmission to the app store, and to also send out push notifications.


Objective C, SQL Server 2008, ASP.NET(C#), WebServices, Facebook API, Twitter API.end out push notifications.

TagsType: Mobile and Tablet AppsSocial Media
Industry: Automotive

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