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Our long standing partners, BWD, are masters of developing reports for their customers, and in an effort to bring life to the 2016 annual sustainability report for their client the Australian Meat Processors Corporation (AMPC), they persuaded them to produce a campaign known as a ‘Feast of Ideas’.


As part of the ‘Feast of Ideas’ campaign, we developed a beautifully designed responsive website (as we’ve come to expect from BWD), which was a rich digital experience showcasing some great video shorts that tackle numerous points of interest around the sustainability of the AMPC and their affiliates nationwide. Supporting these videos was further information on these hot topics, including the physical report developed for the campaign.

The campaign in general was a huge success for AMPC, proving that if you think creatively when communicating strategy, you will surely reap the rewards!

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX, PHP, MySQL


(Hint: ensure your browser allows video auto-play for best experience)

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Industry: Food and Beverage

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